Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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When leaving comments on the site, we collect the data shown in the form of comments to help us find this love and also we collect the IP address with the browser to collect the data so that There should be no problem, later we keep this data safe with us, it will not cause any problem to you.


If you also load images on the website, then you should be cautious of this because people on the website can also damage your personal data with your data.


If you comment on our website, you can choose the name, email address and the solution to save the website by using it, you have this facility so that if you ever make another comment, you do not have to fill everything again. There will be a save whose validity will be 1 year.

We do or do not manipulate your data.

How long we will keep your data with us.

If you come to our website and comment on a post, we will keep your comment indefinitely as long as you can see that no such sentence is pronounced in your comment so that any other user can pronounce it. If you use any word which is forbidden, then we will delete your data.
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